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Our Lodge

Rested on a hilltop looking out towards the distant Uluguru Mountains, Ndovu Lodge Selous offers magnificent views that leave lasting impressions. It is set in an area perfect for exploring both the majestic Selous Game Reserve and the rich culture of the Kisaki Village and its people.

Built in the wilderness, the lodge is designed to capture the feel of nature and adventure. With spacious elevated en-suite chalets camouflaged with their surroundings, the lodge speaks a language of the bush. The outdoor decks of the chalets offer a chance to gaze at the horizon while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Our all in one roof lounge, bar and dining area is at the centre peak of the hill, also elevated making its height superb for taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings. While sat at the lounge a read from our mini library will do, giving you incites of the enchanting Selous Game Reserve.

The swimming pool is open at all times during the day, so you can swim, relax or have a bush walk to acquaint yourself with the surroundings in the presence of our ranger.

Our Story

The lodge was built out of interest in nature and wildlife. The founder, Dr H. S. Kibola (far left corner) loved the bush so much that he wanted to make it his home but the busy city schedules of his work would not grant him his wish. Even though, he was not going to let his dream die, he decided he was going to build his getaway sanctuary where he could go to and also relax while enjoying the splendoure of nature. The roaring lions and laughing hyenas made him spell bound to the bush, the singing birds and the whistling trees gave him a lasting peace of mind. Overtime he managed to build six spacious en-suite chalets, a fully equipped kitchen, a restaurant, lounge, swimming pool and communal washrooms.  

Ndovu Lodge Selous extends it warm welcome to guests from all around the world.

Karibu sana….  


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